About TCS-H

That is I, Jürgen Hering, born in 1974. I am currently running the company by myself, but I am looking urgently for experienced and appropriate recruitment. Since 2004, I have been active in the field of rotating equipment. I have worked as a Commissioning Engineer for MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (formerly known as GHH, BORSIG, and MAN Turbo) where we worked with steam turbines and compressors. I also worked as a Project Manager for a well-known chemical company within the ALTANA AG for several years. I plan to increase in the number of skilled Senior Service Engineers from previous numbers over the next few months because of the unexpected high amount of inquires I have received.
Actually, there is a simple explanation for this. Because of the company’s structure on both sides, there are no sufficient resources or rather adequate staff to assure the cooperation and communication between the plant owner and the service provider in case of additional jobs. Discrepancies consequently are inevitable and often lead to substantial delays and conflicts between the parties involved and the only thing left to do is to improvise. Improvising is time consuming as well as expensive in most cases. Every plant owner knows that time wasted due to such delays can be costly. That is exactly what TCS-H can offer you, an optimal, frictionless process in the most effective way possible, and under the conditions required by you!
  • Our professional expertise will provide you with the best possible independent assistance you can get for your project.
  • Your planning will be more efficient and the processes take place more harmoniously while keeping unscheduled surprises a thing of the past.
  • Your present staff is used where it is most effective because we handle the details, and offer you possibilities that will correspond with your guidelines.
  • We are here for you as long as you need us, and in the meantime, staff characterized by years and years of experience, and unlimited commitment will surround you.
  • Thanks to our management work, you can easily optimize your intentions. The quality will improve significantly by reducing delays, and any processes accomplished at a faster pace, which is more cost effective due to continued production.
  • We undertake subtasks as well as complete executions. Every request will be executed individually and with the utmost accuracy.
  • As a part of your order, we offer you an economical stand-by option, which enables you to react to timely circumstances, and gives you the possibility to make use of qualified staff whenever you like.
  • We also offer an optional claim management. The time of subcontractors demanding more than they are supposed to are over.
  • Regarding offers from subcontractors; we can advise you independently and select the best option, or constellate an individual offer. The most expensive option is not always the best for your purpose.
  • We always communicate at eye-level, straight, perspicuous, and without misleading terms.
  • We guarantee results and facts, uphold commitments, and we do not make promises we cannot keep.
  • We cannot overemphasize the importance of our customer loyalty and satisfaction. In order to achieve that, we place great stress on quality and outstanding performance.
No, there are not. We do not try to reinvent the wheel. We just operate as a profitable addition and affect the process in a positive way. The only thing I would like to add here is due to the received feedback from our clients, TCS-H should have been founded much earlier.
First of all, the customer as the owner or the operator. Thanks to the detailed engineering we offer, the plant operator as well as the subcontractor is able to create a realistic schedule. The costs can be reduced on both sides, and the process takes place fluidly and without interference. Reducing this interference makes the quality of work significantly better. Furthermore, less staff will be needed and this lowers effort, which lowers costs for the plant owner. Optimizing processes will enable faster completion of work, and there is no need to explain what this means economically considering the current oil and gas prices. You can be more profitable with our service, and being more profitable is something everyone wants!
You simply make contact with us through email or telephone and tell us about your problem/concern/desire and we will create an individual solution and present an offer to you. Most of the time our work consists of two parts; jobs that can be arranged in advance in our office and jobs that need to be carried out on the premises at the plant in question. We have two different daily charge rates for each option, which will be sent to you with the offer. Since they are well constructed and clearly subdivided, they are easily comprehensible. This makes is easy to calculate into the budget. Should you have the need for field service jobs, such as an execution of revision with an earlier sub-contractor or machine manufacturer, please do not hesitate to call us for the period requested With our standby fixed rate, we can give you the possibility to book this period in advance, and avoid the risk of unscheduled delays comfortably and without effort. For this additional period we will be available for you 100% of the time, should you need help. In the case you should not need us, there would only be a minor stand-by fixed rate. Throughout the process we will provide you with weekly progress reports and a final report upon the completion of the job.
Despite the high quality standards and vast experience of our staff, we are significantly more favorable as compared to our competitors. Apart from our stand-by option, which any other company in this sector is not offering so far, we will account the accrued travel costs without any additional handling fee. We are eagerly await a long-lasting relationship with our customers, and would be glad to submit an offer in order to convince you of that!