As your extended arm, we vicariously handle start-up of new plants. We also handle the recommissioning of older plants, but after a revision of operations. We act as the link between you, the plant owner, and your new or preexisting sub-contractors. This involves the complete preparation or processing of the plant and its documents, the consulting of the contracts design, preliminary planning and detailed planning of the necessary jobs and documents relating to costs and staff.

We undertake the leading along with the supervision of work, and the examination of the finish product. Through our expertise, you are able to ensure the plant is operating at an optimal level, and thus reduce the plant’s downtime.

If you only need help in specific areas, we can also assist you with all of our competence!

We undertake the execution of complete downtimes and revisions as a specialized and competent link between you and your contractors.

Whether it is a whole project, specific areas, or support through jobs according to agreement, we provide exactly what you need for success. From acquiring the scope of the work and creation of performance specification, scheduling and supervision of work, and then through to the contract and final performance review, we are with you to the end.

The devil is stuck in the details, and we are well versed in the details!

When it comes to a problem or malfunction within the plant, machine, or process, we will gladly help you localize and solve the problem with our expertise.

TCS-H is your fast, problem-free, skilled & competent partner.

We would be gland to advise and support you with your intention.

Based on your foundation, we choose the most suitable offer from your supplier or tailor a specific solution to meet your needs.

Competent and neutral to the parties, this will allow us the most optimal and cost-effective result for your project.

We record operating data, determine the necessary measures / work in consultation with you, clarify the interfaces between you and your supplier, schedule the work between your production and your sub-supplier, accompany, monitor and optimize the work.

If you want a service contract tailored to you, or would you like to outsource the service? We do it for you!

We check your plants (turbines, compressors, and auxiliary units) as well as your control system and give you feedback about the current system condition, possibly current or upcoming maintenance work. This provides your company with maximum plant availability and optimal planning of your investment with real numbers.

Are you currently doing work on any of your equipment or damage has occurred, and your leadership is away on an extended absence?

Do you simply not have enough skilled staff for the amount of work at the moment?

We would be glad to assist you competent and qualified!

We can help you with the following control or machine monitoring systems:

  • GA TurWin
  • GA Safe Edit
  • GA Blue Edit
  • GA Blue Edit2
  • Analog controller of the EKU-Series (Voith)
  • PCS7
  • Bently Nevada (3500 Systems)
  • Braun (Overspeed Protection)

We can also help you with that!

If you could not find a service outlined above please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your concern. We can surely find an appropriate solution for your problem!